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Friday, June 10, 2011

Robocop (1988) 720p - 700MB

Plot : 
Plot:  Officer Alex Murphy, killed in the line of duty, but perhaps better known as the resurrected cyborg police officer: Robocop. He's back in New Detroit to clean the streets from crime, corruption and the latest OCP scheme. Following his Prime Directives (#1 Serve the Public Trust. #2 Protect the Innocent. #3 Uphold the Law. #4 CLASSIFIED) you'll embark on a first person shooter, taking on a variety of missions to uncover a new drug that's been spreading among the city. To get the evidence you need, you'll need to shoot through bad guys, arrest the criminals that give up and rescue any civilians who are too close to the line of fire.


Genre :Animation, Action, Crime, Sci-Fi. 

Cast :Starrings: 

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